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A new school year has officially begun. On Wednesday morning I welcomed 19 adorable and eager 6 year olds into my first grade class. Behind the facade of their well put together outfits, shiny new shoes, and trendy new backpacks were timid, uncertain little kids who I’d guess had laid in bed the night before just hoping that their new teacher would be nice and would take care of them. Little did they know that said teacher had been sending out her own silent wishes for them to think she was kind and to know that they would each have a special place in her heart. Behind the facade of my mega-watt smile and brightly colored, super organized classroom I was fighting my own first day jitters. The first three days were a whirlwind of early mornings and late nights with the in between filled with getting to know one another and establishing routines. By Friday I was hoarse, mentally and physically spent, and a little voice chirping “Ms. Stoever….” was on repeat in my head. The days of morning reading, hot breakfasts, freshly made lunches, mid-day workouts at an empty gym, and a to-do list consisting of only frivolous errands are definitely over. But, just as my students’ nerves weened over the first few days so did my longing for my summer life. I proudly watched on as their true personalities and confidence began to shine through, friendships started to blossom, and laughter became our soundtrack. When we all gathered on the carpet on Friday afternoon to talk about the highlights of our first week together and the shy little girl in pigtail braids at the back of the carpet raised her hand and whispered “My favorite part of the first week was meeting you” the remaining grasp on those summer vacation luxuries dissipated. I was quickly reminded that there are few things in life as satisfying and rewarding as touching the lives of children and that makes everything (even plain yogurt breakfasts and raw veggies lunches) that much sweeter.

I am still committed to trying to incorporate some of my favorite meal discoveries from this summer into my school year repertoire and I hope to report back on my progress in future posts (hopefully iPhone photos with Crayola inspired backdrops will suffice!) But, the following recipe earned its spot as the first of the school year with flying colors. You see, along with the return to my old routine comes the reemergence of the late afternoon energy plummet. A piece of fruit is my usual go to for a quick sugar rush, but I eat plenty of fruit as is and was hoping to find an alternative that would provide me with a bit more nutritional balance (in terms of stamina a combination of carbs and protein goes a long way for me). I came across this energy ball recipe on one of my favorite sites. Brittany of Eating Bird Food has a plethora of healthful, tasty original recipe creations, but this particular was acquired from a Whole Foods cooking demo. Being a WF fanatic myself (and with a name like Heady Goo Balls) I had total faith that these little balls would do the trick. I whipped up (more like pulverized… but no post is complete without at least one cliche) a batch at the beginning of the week and popped one each day when I felt the onset of the afternoon crash. Though small in stature these babies pack a nutrient-dense punch that got me through the end of day clean-up/set-up plus the dreaded hour+ long commute home. And if that isn’t enough to convince you to make yourself something that includes a blend of grasses as an ingredient they got an “Mmmmmm!” from Nick which is about as rare as a “I’m not going to cook tonight” from me.

My adaptations to the recipe were minimal so head over to Brittany’s site for the specifics (be sure to allow yourself extra time for browsing!) I omitted the bee pollen granules and used a cookie baller for scooping which resulted in 13 tablespoon sized balls. That means I’ve got plenty to keep me ballin’ through school week 2.

Original Source: Heady Goo Balls from Eating Bird Food


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