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Reflect, Renew, Revive – Part II

Revelation #2: Me, Me, Me

As much as I value my blogging audience (see previous post), this blog was really supposed to be for me. As terribly selfish as that sounds, I do believe that in order to take care of others you must take care of yourself. After all, the foundation that this blog is built upon (a belief in the power of healthful actions) is essentially one of self-service. Fuel yourself with wholesome foods, make time for yourself to exercise, etc. Of course, the energy and positivity that result from these actions will inevitably have a ripple effect on your social interactions and relationships thus benefiting others as well. Although it may not always be “all about you” it does “start with you.” The notion of putting myself first is one that I, like many, struggle with. In particular, I have a difficult time putting my professional life behind my personal life. Though it does not always come easily or without times when I falter, I do make a conscious effort to put my husband, my family, and my health first. What continues to get pushed farther behind are hobbies and interests. Particularly those that do not serve a clear and immediate purpose. As desperately as I want to unpack the mountain of boxes still living in our attic since our September move, I simply can’t justify giving up a weekend day when I could be planning lessons, reading up on behavioral/academic interventions, reviewing assessment data, etc. Sadly, same goes for blogging. Right this moment I am having heart palpitations sitting here writing this post as I  keep thinking about the list of “more important” things I need to be doing. To be honest, the only reason I am even writing this post is because I was given the gift of an unexpected snow day so essentially I am using up “bonus” time in my day. Blogging was supposed to be an exercise in loosening my grip on the control reigns of my professional life and putting myself first. Thus far, I have not been successful in this challenge. If anything it has only made my inability to “loosen up” even more glaringly obvious. But, being aware is the first step in making progress and I hope that in recommitting myself I will begin to make strides in the right direction (right after I go run a few miles, e-mail a bunch of parents, join a few more committees, stay at school till 7pm, and make it home just in time to put a warm, nutritious meal on the table).

Recipe #2: Cinnamon Bun Granola


So I may not have totally crawled out of the yogurt for breakfast rut. It still sneaks its way into my lunchbox at least 2 days a week. But, with this granola peering at me from the cabinet I really can’t be blamed. I am a lover of all things cereal (an ode to cereal post may be in my future) and find it a suitable meal/snack for any and every time of day. I’ve read and heard it all about sugar-laced granolas, but had struggled to find a satisfactory homemade alternative to the store-bought varieties. That is until I stumbled upon this recipe from Kath Eats Real Food. The secret ingredient: buckwheat groats! Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better this gem of recipe appeared on Oh She Glows. I have made sure to have this granola in stock at all times since I first indulged back in October. Sure, it still has its share of sugar (coming in the form of unrefined sources such as real maple syrup and dates), but a little touch of sweetness in the morning isn’t always a terrible thing. Complimented by the crunch of the buckwheat groats it is perfection. Be sure to have your have your quarter cup measurer on hand and divvy up the goodness in advance because this granola is totally addictive! I recommend enjoying the granola while sipping coffee and browsing Kath Eats Real Food and Oh She Glows. They are two of my favorite blogs… both creative and inspirational. The type of people you tell your husband stories about to which he responds “Wait, do you know this person or is this one of those bloggers you stalk?”


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