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Reflect, Renew, Revive – Part I

Right before the new year WordPress e-mailed me my annual report for Martha Stoever. They politely applauded me on my blogging successes in 2012 toting my 19 posts as “not bad  for the first year!” Their electronically generated canned comments, though a well-intentioned virtual pat on the back, did little for sugar coating the actual statistics listed in the report. I had just shy of 4,000 views in total for the year (the average food blogger get thousands each month), I have a mere 26 followers and my top commenters were my mom and my aunts. I turned to my Facebook page in hopes of some encouraging news there, but it did little to soften the blow as the stats box there showed a lowly 33 likes. No wonder my blogging hiatus since September had not raised any red flags!

These reports only confirmed what I had assumed all along. My blog is the equivalent of a shy, awkward middle schooler. Not so pitiful that it elicited taunting comments, but meek enough to slide under the radar unnoticed. I may still secretly harbor hopes of a “She’s All That”-esque transformation in which the hidden beauty of my passions will slowly be unveiled and will suddenly captivate a mass audience. But, in the few weeks that I have had since my less than stellar report card was received I have had the opportunity to reflect, renew, and revive my original intents for starting this blog. Yes, I know this whole notion of reevaluating is totally cliche for this time of year and would likely seem far more organic had it come in say September. But, better late than never.

Three revelations came about in my reflections. In an effort to prove that I do learn from my mistakes, I will share them in separate posts. I am the first to admit that I skip directly over lengthy posts in search of “the good stuff” (a.k.a. the recipe). I will conclude each post with a recipe that I have been loving lately. The recipes are not my own and I will simply link to the pages of the bloggers who are owed all of the credit for them. I only have a single picture of each taken with my phone as I am battling technical difficulties with my camera at the moment. But despite the lack of fanfare I promise they are winners.

And now without further ado…

Revelation #1: The Voice

This blog was originally intended to be an extension of my passion for a healthful lifestyle. In particular, my love of cooking, my prideful grocery shopping and meal planning habits, and unhealthy obsession with recipe “researching.” I find a great deal of pleasure in these quirky interests and believe strongly in the benefits of mindful eating and fueling your mind and body with wholesome, natural foods. I thought that through sharing my thoughts and experiences with a larger audience it would spawn even deeper levels of excitement and satisfaction. And it did. I need to bear in mind that whether that audience is a core fan base comprised of only my incredibly supportive family members or a vast following of strangers spread across the world only if I put my voice out there will my voice will continue to be heard.

Recipe #1: Banana Bread Quinoa Flake Bake 

quinoa bake

Last year I dedicated an entire post to breakfasts. Specifically, my efforts to diversify my early morning meals. Well I am pleased to report that even once the school year commenced I continued to get creative and not fall back into the yogurt rut. Sadly, one of my favorite recipe findings is a warm meal that requires immediate consumption so it must be reserved as a weekend treat. I’m not positive if it’s the “hard to get” nature or if it really is just that satisfying, but this Banana Bread Quinoa Flake Bake has been brightening up my Sunday mornings for the past few months now.

Head on over to Natural Noshing for this recipe (and leave some extra time for browsing her other natural, gluten/refined sugar free recipes!)


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