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It’s report card season in first grade which means that all of my creative juices and wordsmithing efforts have been going into attempting to encapsulate into a character constricted text box how each of my students has blossomed as a learner, friend, and little person over the past 5 months. But, I resolved to keep my presence known here this year and so I offer you the Cliff’s notes version of a post I have been eagerly waiting to share.


Banana Maple Almond Butter Oatmeal… caramelized bananas, melty maple almond butter, and winter soul warming oats all combined into one heaping bowl of breakfast divinity. And it comes from Angela of Oh She Glows which pretty much guarantees that it will join your breakfast rotation as quickly as it became a staple in mine.

FG2Though I am confident that the recipe is perfection written as is I have made minor adaptations. My version uses half a banana, swaps Justin’s Maple Almond Butter for the peanut butter, and tops the finished product with only the extra nut butter (the additional banana slices in the photos are purely for show). So take the time you have saved reading this abbreviated post, get the recipe here, and go make yourself this oatmeal now. I’ll respond to all your inevitable comments of gratitude as soon as report cards are complete!


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